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    It was ucomfortable and no privatcy for customers who use the fitting room as all. Is there any manager concerned for customers? Big store,and high price than vãn Macy I think. As a customers, we need more respects to tát use fitting room all the time.


    I would inquire with management. Regarding the fitting room situation.

    Rex M. 

    6 years ago 2 people found this helpful

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  • Always packed with people which isn't a bad thing but it is poorly managed sánh the people working always look miserable and they take it out on the customers. clothing selection is good but very disorganized

  • Photo of Nat T.

    Do the employees at this Zara actually read all of these negative reviews about themselves? If y'all are reading...what are your thoughts??? Because....holy s**t! I just wasted my whole entire lunch break coming here for no damn reason!!!

    Apparently, there is a different line downstairs for returns. I stood in line for 10 min upstairs only to tát find a sign that said "Purchases Only". If you guys are going to tát vì thế this; have a big legit sign overhead that states this! Not just a random paper photo-copy standing next to tát the register.

    Meanwhile, the only 1 cashier is moving lượt thích a sloth, while you have a long ass line and other sales associates just walking back and forth through the line in front of mạ.

    Please hire additional is more needed than vãn associates just walking around aimlessly. I ran a clothing store as a manager at 17 years old, and would not let the store lập cập lượt thích the way it does here.

    And again...make a clear overhead sign above your damn registers!

    Anyhow, sánh I walk downstairs after finding out I couldn't make a return upstairs, and that line goes even deeper than vãn the purchases line. OMFG!!!! I didn't have anymore time to tát waste, since I had to tát get back downtown SJ from my lunch, sánh I had to tát leave; hungry and not even getting my 1 item return accomplished.

    I already hate going to tát Valley Fair to tát begin with, and sánh, if I were you, avoid this location at all costs if you are looking to tát just make a simple return.

    And Zara employees, please don't be an a**hole at any establishment you visit where the service might be a bit slow for you...because y'all take 1st place for the SLOWEST moving retail line I have ever been in in my whole life! I can't even imagine what it's lượt thích on a weekend or...oh my gawd...what is it lượt thích there during the holidays???

  • Photo of Yiven C.

    Online returns are a joke.

    Line goes out the door.

    Complain to tát manager and she says that's just the way it is. Management here sucks because they turn a blind eye to tát the chaos.

    This is lượt thích waiting in line for a Disney ride but you don't get a ride!

    Behind mạ a customer says, " This is the slowest line in the world!"

    You got to tát wonder why the line for returns is 10x as long as the line for purchases.

    If you buy anything then go online and think really hard if you want it because if you decide to tát return it to tát the store, then you may need a coffee, fully charged phone, and time to tát kill.

  • Photo of Sean L.

    My recent visit to tát Zara at Valley Fair Mall left mạ thoroughly disappointed and frustrated due to tát the inefficiency of the staff and a prolonged delay caused by an older Asian woman at the return line. The overall experience fell far below my expectations, and I regretfully cannot recommend this particular store based on my encounter.

    Upon entering Zara, I immediately noticed a lack of organization and proper queue management. The store was bustling with customers, and it was evident that the staff was overwhelmed and struggling to tát keep up with the demand. The lack of clear guidance and efficient service added to tát the chaotic atmosphere, making the shopping experience far from enjoyable.

    The return line at Zara was particularly problematic. An older Asian woman seemed to tát have encountered an issue with her return, resulting in an unnecessary delay for other customers. While I understand that unforeseen complications can arise, the staff's handling of the situation left much to tát be desired. Instead of swiftly resolving the matter or redirecting customers to tát alternative lines, they appeared ill-prepared and unsure of how to tát handle the situation, leading to tát an hour-long wait.

    What frustrated mạ even more was the apparent lack of urgency displayed by the staff. Rather than vãn actively working to tát expedite the process or provide updates to tát waiting customers, they appeared indifferent and disengaged. The overall customer service experience was subpar, lacking the attentiveness and efficiency one would expect from a reputable retailer lượt thích Zara.

    Furthermore, the overall store ambiance and presentation left something to tát be desired. The racks were disorganized, making it difficult to tát locate desired items, and the fitting rooms were overcrowded and poorly maintained. The combination of these factors only added to tát the overall negative experience.

    In conclusion, my visit to tát Zara at Valley Fair Mall was marred by inefficient service, prolonged delays, and a lack of attentiveness from the staff. The chaotic environment, disorganized store layout, and poor handling of customer issues contributed to tát an unsatisfactory shopping experience. I hope that Zara takes necessary steps to tát improve their customer service and operational efficiency to tát provide a more enjoyable and seamless experience for their patrons.

  • Photo of David G.

    Why is there one register open on a Saturday? The line got sánh long that the alarm was going off at the front of the store. Instead of using that as an indicator to tát open another register to tát expedite the line, the employee asked us to tát curve the line and snake it through the un-kept racks of clothes- you have to tát kind of applaud her level of unbotheredness hahaha

    After reviewing previous yelp posts, this seems to tát be a consistent issue with this location and management does not seem to tát care. It's obvious they're not hurting financially, and one review isn't going to tát make a difference, but it would be nice for the store managers to tát make an effort to tát improve the store experience for their customers.

    After 15 min of waiting.

  • Photo of Tiffany A.

    This was my first time inside this store as I was making an online return. Holy hell, save yourself the visit and just ship it back lmao. I came in during a weekday afternoon and I waited a full hour. If your mindset is "time is money" then I would suggest you either keep the item or return by mail.

    Tip: returns are DOWNSTAIRS

    Thankfully I only waited about 5 min upstairs before reading a small sign stating this.

    Actual depiction of Zara Valley Fair

  • Photo of K Y.

    I always try to tát avoid coming here unless absolutely necessary.

    I've had 2 orders I sent to tát the store where I got an tin nhắn saying they are ready for pickup. Once I get there, I'm told they can't find the order sánh it was either lost or stolen by employees.

    Came on a weekday and they only had 1 person at the register processing returns. Took an hour to tát get to tát mạ as the employee worked only slightly faster than vãn the sloth at the DMV in Zootopia. When I left, the line had stretched all the way to tát the entrance. Not sure why they don't schedule more people for the registers.

    Return line stretching to tát the doorway

  • Photo of Maisie L.

    Zara is a great store for affordable, decent quality clothes. However the lines for this location are insane even for a Monday night around 8pm. We didn't realize that you could only vì thế returns downstairs, sánh we spent time waiting for both the upstairs and downstairs line. The downstairs line probably took us about 40 minutes. It's probably better to tát come here early in the morning or in the middle of the workday to tát avoid having to tát line up as they seem severely under staffed for the amount of business they get.

    Long line for return

  • Photo of Ramesh B.

    I went to tát store in valley fair mall and tried to tát return one item - with tin nhắn of order confirmation.

    Front desk person was unable to tát vì thế return without QR CODE WHICH IS NOT IN THE order confirmation EMAIL.
    I had to tát wait over trăng tròn minutes for a store manager to tát arrive and he rudely said no returns without QR code.

    We wasted our time....

  • Photo of Vanessa L.

    Very messy store and the lines are deathly long..
    don't recommend coming here until you got the time

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