Lori S.

asked • 10/15/12

how bởi i find the answer

Bạn đang xem: x^4+4

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Laila M. answered • 10/15/12

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x + 4  is an expression and all you can bởi is simplify. In this case it is in its simplest size. the answer is  just that x + 4.   If the question is solve for X in the equation x + 4, then you phối up an equation and solve for X, by isolating the variable X.  example.

x + 4 = 0

additiive inverse of -4 lớn both sides of the equation,  X= - 4

So, kiểm tra carefully what the question really is asking and repost!

Ms. M.

x = -4

LeighAnne D. answered • 10/15/12

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Hi Lori! 

Typically an algebraic expression lượt thích this doesn't have an "answer."  Without an equals sign, "x+4" just means "a value that is four more kêu ca x."  You might use this kind of expression in a word problem such as "Juan can mow x lawns in an hour, and Jack can mow four more lawns in an hour kêu ca Jack can..."  In this case, the number of lawns Juan can mow would be represented by the variable "x" and the number Jack can mow would be represented by the expression "x+4."

To be able lớn solve it, this expression should be an equation.  In other words, your book should tell you what x+4 equals.  Here's an example:   x+4=12

To solve this equation, you need lớn get x by itself.  To bởi this, you can subtract 4 from each side of the equation.  Remember, whatever you bởi lớn one side of an equation you MUST bởi lớn the other.  Subtracting four from the left side (x+4) gives you x.  Subtracting four from the right side (12) gives you 8.   This leaves you with the answer: x=8

x    +   4    =   12

        -4         -4

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x              =  8  

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