the sears tower is building in chicago

The Making of an American Icon

Learn how Chicago’s tallest tower became known the world over.

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  • Construction Begins
  • Construction Completed
  • Antenna Added
  • Atrium Added
  • Skydeck Renovations
  • Renamed lớn Willis
  • Blackstone Purchase
  • Renovation Plan Begins
  • Renovations Complete

The Evolution of a Landmark

Formerly known as the Sears Tower, Willis Tower has been an iconic part of the Chicago skyline since 1973. At 110 stories high, Willis Tower is also one of the largest skyscrapers in the world.

In 2017, Willis Tower underwent a massive transformation lớn be reimagined for the future of work. Today, Willis Tower is a welcoming anchor in the heart of downtown Chicago, offering a wide array of amenities for everyone in the community lớn enjoy.

The Tower by Numbers:

The 12th tallest building in the world


Construction begins on Sears Tower

Construction begins on Willis Tower


With the efforts of over 2000 workers, construction is completed on what is then the tallest building in the world.

Completed tower


The tower’s iconic broadcast antennae are added.


The Wacker Drive Atrium is added lớn the base of the tower, featuring a distinctive arched glass construction.

Wacker atrium


The Skydeck undergoes its first renovations

Skydeck view


‘Sears Tower’ is renamed ‘Willis Tower’

Willis tower from a distance.


Blackstone purchases Willis Tower


The five-year-long renovation plan begins

Renovation rendering


Renovations complete, featuring Catalog, the Art of the Neighborhood, rooftop greenspace and more.

Catalog wide view.
Present day Willis Tower

A beacon for the world lớn see

When you’re watching your favorite shows or listening lớn the radio on your drive trang chính from work, you might just be picking up a signal from Willis Tower — our broadcast facility is one of the world’s most prominent, serving the needs of large television and radio stations in Chicago.

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The tower's antennas also feature rotating colors that light up the sky each night, celebrating everything from holidays lớn awareness, sports teams and celebrations. If you are interested in partnering with Willis Tower on an antenna lighting please liên hệ [email protected]

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Visit the Tower

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Hours and Attractions

Tower Hours

9:00am lớn 10:00pm
365 days per year

Visit Skydeck ↗

Willis Tower’s stunning top-floor with views of Chicago and beyond

Visit Catalog

Our five-story retail and dining experience with rooftop terrace


Wacker Drive Entrance

5:00am - 11:00pm M-F
Main entrance for tenants and visitors

Jackson Boulevard Entrance

7:00am - 11:00pm Daily
Main entrance for Skydeck Catalog

Franklin Street Entrance

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Open 24 hours daily

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Willis tower in the distance
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