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Student Life

On this page, you will find information on various aspects of student life at AU, including library resources, parking, student activities, and study abroad. The Office of Campus Life has many other opportunities to tát consider, as vì thế the academic programs on campus.

If you are interested in information about housing or housing accommodations, these links contain information to tát help you make good decisions about your living situation.

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Bender Library makes its resources available to tát all university staff, students, and faculty on an equal basis. In an effort to tát facilitate the library research process for those members of the AU community with disabilities, the library provides a number of services designed to tát help address their specific needs. To make use of these services, individuals with disabilities should liên hệ the Assistive Technology Manager prior to tát or early in the semester to tát discuss individual needs. The Assistive Technology Manager can be reached in the Academic Support and Access Center at 202-885-3360.

A brochure with information about library services for patrons with disabilities is available from the reference library. Click here for the library's policy on services for individuals with disabilities.

Washington College of Law Library

The Washington College of Law (WCL) Pence Law Library is open to tát any thành viên of the American University community who needs to tát use the materials found in this library. The law library also provides services to tát patrons with disabilities. Further information may be obtained by calling 202-274-4300.

Designated accessible parking spaces are available for visitors or members of the American University community with disabilities who have purchased a parking permit or obtained a permit from Parking and Traffic Services. Temporary permits are available to tát persons with temporary disabilities. Medical documentation may be required.

Cars parked in spaces for persons with disabilities or blocking access ramps for persons with disabilities will be ticketed, booted, or towed at the owner's expense.

A university shuttle service operates accessible buses regularly from the main campus, WCL campus, and the Tenleytown Metro station. For more information regarding transportation and shuttle schedules, liên hệ Parking and Traffic Services or Hotline 202-885-3111.

Student Involvement

Students with disabilities participate in the full range of student clubs, organizations, leadership opportunities, and volunteer experiences, both on campus and off. Students with disabilities are encouraged to tát avail themselves of the opportunities offered through participation in co-curricular activities. For more information on activities through this office, liên hệ 202-885-3390 or gmail the Center for Student Involvement.

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CDI is dedicated to tát enhancing LGBTQ, multicultural, first generation, and women's experiences on campus. In addition, they collaborate with campus partners, in particular those that work with international students, students with disabilities, and students with active religious affiliations to tát create a safe, supportive & empowering community for all, regardless of identity. The Disability Rights Coalition is co-sponsored by CDI and the ASAC and gives voice to tát issues of the disability community at AU. Call 202-885-3651 or gmail the Center for Diversity & Inclusion for more information.

The Center for Community Engagement & Services

The Center for Community Engagement & Service offers multiple opportunities to tát engage with the thành phố, the region, and global issues. Its programs include Community-Based Learning (aka "service-learning"), DC Reads (a tutoring program available as a volunteer or through Federal Work Study), Alternative Break Trips (spring, summer, and winter breaks), One Day Service Events, Freshman Service Experience, the Eagle Endowment for Public and Community Service (apply for grants to tát vì thế service projects), and more. To learn more, Hotline 202-885-7378 or gmail [email protected].

AU Abroad and the ASAC make every effort to tát ensure that students with disabilities can participate successfully in study abroad programs. Since 2003, AU students with disabilities have studied abroad as frequently as other AU students and their experiences have been remarkable.

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that facilities or tư vấn services will be available at each location abroad in the same range and quality as on the AU campus. We cannot alter architecture, transportation, or laws in other countries. We can make an individual assessment of need as it relates to tát a student’s interest, tư vấn system needs, and the availability of accommodations. We have created the following checklist for suggested procedures for AU students with disabilities who desire to tát study abroad.

  • Identify one or more study abroad sites that interest you
  • Make an appointment early in the process with your Disability Access Advisor in the Academic Support and Access Center to tát begin a conversation about study abroad options
  • Research to tát confirm whether you will have access to tát what you need for a successful experience abroad
  • Apply online at the AU Abroad website
  • Once admitted, complete the Disability Accommodation Request size online
  • Request a letter of accommodation from your Disability Access Advisor and present it to tát your study abroad site coordinator if accommodations are needed

Additional resources on study abroad for students with disabilities:

  • Mobility International USA
  • Access Abroad, University of Minnesota
Emergency Information

American University is committed to tát the safety of students with disabilities. Please note that areas within campus buildings have been designated Areas of Rescue Assistance. There should be a sign posted in each of the designated areas of a building. If you have trouble locating an Area of Rescue Assistance please liên hệ the Academic Support and Access Center at 202-885-3360 or [email protected]

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Register for AU Alert: Emergency Notification

Students with disabilities are oriented to tát all procedures related to tát their safety in all university buildings, including residence halls and academic buildings, during an intake meeting with a Disability Access Advisor in the Academic Support and Access Center. Students participate in a required intake meeting when they request reasonable accommodations.

Students, employees, and visitors may liên hệ the ASAC with questions at 202-885-3360 or [email protected].