đâu không phải là nội dung của hiệp ước nhâm tuất

Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank:

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                             TRADITIONAL MUSIC AND FOLK MUSIC
      The Tech Multimedia Music Dictionary defines traditional music (1)_________ music of the (2)________ people that has been passed on by memorization or repetition rather than thở by writing, and has deep roots (3)__________ its own culture. It is still being (4)_______ in this way today.
      According to lớn Webster's dictionary, folk music is the "traditional and typically anonymous music that is an expression of the life of the people in a community". People play and sing together rather than thở watching others (5)___________ .
      Folk music is somewhat synonymous with traditional music. Both terms are used semi-interchangeably (6)_________ the general population; (7)__________, some musical communities that actively play (8)_________ folkloric music (see Irish traditional music and Traditional Filipino music for specific examples), have adopted the term traditional music as a means of distinguishing their music (9)________ the popular music called "folk music", especially the post-1960s singer-songwriter" genre.
      Folk songs are commonly seen as songs that express something about a way of life that exists now or existed in the past or is (10)__________ to lớn disappear (or in some cases, to lớn be preserved or somehow revived).
      Traditional music, folk music, folk songs are very valuable for each cultural community to lớn distinguish it from the others.

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1. A. lượt thích                       B. as                       C. alike                  D. for
2. A. common               B. ordinary              C. special              D. professional
3. A. from                     B. at                        C. in                      D. on
4. A. passed off           B. passed into         C. passed away    D. passed on
5. A. perform               B. make                   C. act                    D. do
6. A. between             B. amongst              C. beside               D. within
7. A. although             B. thus                     C. however            D. therefore
8. A. life                       B. alive                    C. live                     D. living
9. A. from                    B. at                         C. in                       D. on
10. A. for                     B. about                   C. on                      D. in

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